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    Is Your Home or Business a Target for $1.5 Billion in Property Damage?

    Florida Dampwood Termite Services Gulfstream Termite and Environmental Pest Control

    If your home isn’t properly protected from termites, you could be in serious danger. Most people spend thousands insuring their homes against fire and storm damage every year, but data has shown that termite damage is the bigger problem.

    Sure, termites aren’t quite as glamorous as a violent storm or a sudden fire, but they can destroy the essential structural support of your home or business, creating not just a cosmetic problem, but a safety issue as well.

    The Gulfstream Promise

    Fortunately, Gulfstream can help. When you pick up the phone to reach us, you’ll get a professional inspection, the right solution if we do discover termite, and a treatment program few other pest control companies can offer. What’s more, though, is that we offer a renewable warranty for the entire life of the property. It’s something you can pass on to other homeowners in the event that you sell the home.

    Florida Drywood Termite Services Gulfstream Termite and Environmental Pest ControlTermites 101

    Wondering why termites might want to target your home for their next meal? It’s not just you. Every house or business is at risk. All a termite colony really needs to survive is a little bit of wood, like the kind used in the structural support of your building, and some delicious moisture.

    Remember, even if your property is primarily stone or brick, the construction company still probably used wood to design the structural features, so you’re not automatically off the hook.

    Florida Formosan Termites Services Gulfstream Termite and Environmental Pest Control

    There are thousands of spaces that rest next to the soil every day, and each one of them is an engraved invitation to those termites. Have an outdoor fence? You should almost be hearing the chewing noise now. Have you dealt with a roof leak recently? You’ve create the perfect storm for termites – wet wood. Ventilation problems? You might hear them rubbing their hands together, tying that big bib on, and chowing down.

    If you’ve noticed termite mud tubes or you’re just worried about potential entry points, Gulfstream is ready to help make certain termites aren’t going to make your home or business their next meal.

    Treating the Problem

    Our approach to termite treatment is twofold. Initially, we do a thorough inspection of the property as a whole. Our Florida-licensed inspectors will carefully search any potential entry points for your termites. If we do find a problem, we’ll build a custom treatment plan that meets the needs of your structure. Our professional technicians are carefully trained using today’s newest techniques and eco-friendly materials. With solutions like Termidor at our disposal, your termite problem just won’t survive.

    Termite_damageThe Protection Solution

    The answer to any termite problem is fairly simple. Our solutions literally get attached to the termites. Every termite they meet is then exposed to it, spreading the materials through the colony like a germ.

    We use a slow-acting method for effectiveness. Within three months, which is actually faster than some of the best bait systems available today, the entire colony has been exposed through this transfer process, which helps to erase the colony from your home.

    All of our bating systems are part of our Green-Earth initiative, our way of making certain none of our pest control methods do any damage to the Earth as a Whole

    Termite Inspections Are  A Must!

    Whether you’re planning to sell your home now or at some point in the future, booking an inspection isn’t optional. Before any home or building can be sold or even refinanced, banks require a termite inspection.

    Gulfstream can make sure the process is as easy as possible. Contact us today for a comprehensive inspection that will help protect your property from termites and other wood boring animals. We’ll send one of our skillful

    Wood Destroying Insect Inspectors to your home immediately!

    Basic Termite Facts

    The termite that most commonly causes damage to homes are the subterranean termites. These insects live in the soil and feed on wood and wood products. Examples are: paper, cardboard, or any other celluose product. Colonies typically consist of 500,000 to one million individuals. A healthy colony is roughly enquivalent to a 200-pound animal feeding on your house 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Termites are constantly looking for more food, and will forage up to several hundred feet from their main colony.

    Helpful Hints To Deter Termites

    • Maintain gutters and downspouts so that rain water is discharged 18 to 24 inches from the foundation.
    • Channel air conditioning drainage away from house.
    • Keep roof in good repair;  stop leaks immediately.
    • Keep mulch and landscaping away from siding.
    • Keep irrigation away from siding and foundation.
    • Don’t pile wood against the house or in the garage.



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