• Rodents – A Much Bigger Problem Than You Could Imagine

    The climate in Southeast Florida makes it home to all sorts of pest problems, including rodents. Here, we have three common rodents that tend to cause real issues within homes. Roof rats can easily invade any part of your home, as these vermin are amazing climbers. Norway rats can gnaw and burrow their way through almost anything. Also called sewer rats, they’re a pest control problem you don’t want on your property. Mice are also very plentiful around here, and they can nest almost anywhere on your property. While moles and voles can also be an issue, they’re nowhere near as common as the main three.

    No matter what species is creating an issue for your home or property, though, Gulfstream can help.

    Rodent Danger

    Besides the fact that rodents are disgusting creatures, there’s a very real danger to having them on your property – they carry many different diseases that could make your family or your customers sick. Salmonellosis, Hepatitis, Lyme disease, and even the Plague can all be transmitted by these creatures. Ensuring they aren’t living in your structure and making certain they can’t get in is an absolute must.

    You don’t actually have to see one of these creatures to be in danger. Just the exposure to the droppings is enough. What’s more, though, they can create another pest problem within your home – fleas. Fleas often live on mice and rats, so when they invade your home, so too do the fleas.

    Call Gulfstream Now

    If you’re dealing with any type of rodent problem, we offer a guaranteed elimination program. If your rodent problem ever comes back after we finish, we’ll return for free to help you deal with it.

    Our process begins with an eleven point inspection. We look for droppings as well as the rodents themselves, but we also take their tracks, gnaw marks, runways, sounds, and smells into account too. This careful inspection allows us to help determine exactly what we’re dealing with an how big the infestation is on your property.

    Our Integrated Pest Management program helps to deal with the problem as quickly as possible. An environmentally responsible solution, we use the best new technology and techniques to tackle a rodent infestation along with the education you need to keep it from returning to your home.

    Gulfstream offers you the practical solutions you need right now to deal with rodent problems. Contact us for more information.