• Mosquitos – A Biting Problem

    They’re not just a nuisance that requires a little bug spray before your next backyard barbeque. In Southeast Florida, there are 80 different species of mosquitos, and they can not only create those itchy bites on your skin, they can also spread serious illnesses like West Nile Virus. What’s more, though, is that your pets are at risk of problems too. One mosquito bite is all it takes for your pet to contract heartworm.

    What are you going to do about this itchy little infestation?

    Contact Gulfstream today for our unique mosquito shield program – a comprehensive solution that will keep your home and your family safe.

    The Gulfstream Solution for Mosquito Control

    When you contact us, we’ll immediately implement our three part Integrated Pest Management Solution. Our process starts with a careful inspection of the property around your home as well as some recommendations about how to keep mosquito populations to a minimum. From there, we’ll build a comprehensive treatment plan that meets your needs. Often this includes larvicides that eliminate mosquitos before they become biting adults and barrier treatments that help build a shield of protection around your home and property, making it almost impossible for the pests to return.

    An Ongoing Issue

    Because mosquitos are more active in the summer and early fall, we’ll begin a preventative program in May and finish up in October to help keep problems to a minimum all summer long. Each month, we’ll visit to make certain the problem hasn’t come back, and treat your  property to help keep the mosquitos from returning.

    Learn more about the Gulfstream difference when you contact us today.