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    Ants, roaches, spiders, palmetto bugs and all kinds of other common bugs are wander in and become pests in Florida homes. Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Service’s low toxicity-low exposure approach to eliminating the pests from your home or business will fit into your busy schedule and lifestyle!

    We pride ourselves in environmentally friendly pest control.

    Residential and Household Services:
    West Palm Beach Pest Control Services

    Eliminating pests from your environment poses many changes in Florida. Our staff is educated and trained in the identification and best managment practices for any situation you may be encountering.

    Ants are the most difficult and challenging pest to control. However, with our control strategies we concentrate on eliminating the nesting and breeding areas around the exterior areas before they forage and nest on the interior areas.

    A new label has been approved for TERMIDOR termiticide/insecticide that extends the product’s use to both ants and other social insects. TERMIDOR is now the most effective, low-dose insecticide for outdoor ant control on the market today.

    Fipronil is the active ingredient to target problems on the interior of homes. It is the most effective product applied in low dose application for maximum safety.