• A Commitment To The Environment

    Even pest control experts like us have to worry a bit about protecting the planet, and at Gulfstream, we do everything we can to incorporate eco-friendly practices and materials into our services. Take a moment to review our three environmentally responsible options.

    Integrated Pest Management Program

    Designed to help you both deal with and destroy any pests, it’s an eco-friendly system that includes a number of services. It begins with a careful inspection as well as our suggestions as to how to keep pests out. Throughout the process, we’ll use a variety of devices to help trap pests, like glue boards, and implement systems to ensure pests remain away from your property (like trimming tree limbs and shrubbery). We’ll also use our unique biological control systems like pheromones and low impact pest control methods should it become necessary. One of the most important factors in this program is our consumer education component so you know exactly what’s going on and when it’s occurring.

    Green Earth Plus Our Integrated Pest Management Program

    With this program, we  initially implement our complete line of organic compounds as they prove important to your pest control problem. Our low impact pest control methods will remain our backup and we’ll employ other facets of our integrated pest management program as well.

    Green Earth

    This is easily our safest program. Here were use plant oils that have been approved by the FDA as safe for food and beverage consumption as our first line of defense. These plant oils work with receptor sites in pests that don’t exist in mammals, so they’re much safer than other options. Additionally, we’ll add in education and various controls from our integrated pest management program to help prevent the need for further organic and natural products.

    As reliable as these programs are, it’s important to note that natural methods can’t control pest populations completely in the way that more traditional methods can. Some pests may still remain, even after treatment.