• Fighting An Infestation That May Destroy Your Home

    Southeast Florida is the perfect place for Carpenter Ants. Statistical evidence has shown that you’re more likely to experience damage by these hungry creatures than you are fire or storm damage. Gulfstream can help.

    Our Process

    After you make that call to Gulfstream, you’ll get an extensive evaluation that will help you understand whether carpenter ants have become a problem for your home. We’ll make recommendations that will help prevent future problems and deal with any current issues you’re experiencing. From there, we’ll locate the original nest, which is probably outside your home, and identify the satellite nests inside the home. Once we understand where the ants are, we’ll build a customized treatment plan that is ideal for your needs. Our treatment plan will deal with the outdoor colony as well as the indoor one.

    Gulfstream uses a distinctive product that allows the materials to be carried to every colony on your property, helping to stop the infestation at the very source of the issue.

    A Common Problem

    Carpenter Ants are a fairly common problem. All they need is moisture, which is an abundant element in Southeast Florida, a source of food, and a place to live. Most colonies begin in the trees around a property. The ants will travel as far as 300 yards to begin new colonies, and the cracks in your foundation or spots where your gutters or roof has leaked are ideal ways to attract these pests. Additionally, if you’ve had any problems with plumbing or roof leaks, you have landscaping elements like railroad ties near your home, or you have trees that hang over your home, you’re creating an invitation to a pest problem like this.

    Our Continuing Promise

    Because Carpenter Ants can be a source of ongoing frustration, Gulfstream offers a bi-monthly program to help keep your home safe month after month.