• Bed Bugs. Get them before they get you!

    Gulfstream has the most advanced bed bug monitoring system in the nation. Call us today for a bed bug evaluation.

    Tiny Creatures Add Up to Big Infestations

    Bed Bugs. Just the thought probably makes your skin crawl. Over the last few years, the media has been full of stories of bed bug populations surging throughout Southeast Florida and the nation as a whole. At Gulfstream, we get several calls every single week to help clients deal with bed bugs.

    Should this pest problem scare you?

    Probably not, but awareness of issue could mean the difference between major problems and a manageable situation.

    Gulfstream is the company to call if you encounter a problem. Bed bugs can be tough to eliminate, and those do-it-yourself methods you find in the store aren’t going to change the equation. We’ll find the source of the problem, then treat it with our unique eco-conscious treatment program. We’ll even do a follow-up inspection to make certain the problem is gone.

    An Issue For All Of Us

    Even if your property is spotless, you may still play host to a bed bug colony. Infestations don’t have anything to do with the sanitation level in your house. Bed bugs require very little to survive, and some of the cleanest hotels in the world have had this problem in the past.

    Bed bugs can invade when they hitch a ride in your luggage after a vacation, come in on clothing or objects that have been out of your house for some time, or even take a ride on some second hand furniture you’re introducing to your home.

    You’ll know if you have bed bugs, because they live on you. You’re certain to notice the bites on your bare skin after you wake up each morning. You may also notice small dots and marks on your sheets and blankets. Bed bugs are, however, very small, so you may not notice them specifically. If you have a more serious infestation, you might smell a very sticky-sweet odor in the air.

    Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere. They are dormant during the day, but they’re very active throughout the night. They could be hiding in your mattress, but they might also be in your floors, behind your wallpaper, or even on a picture frame.

    Fighting Bed Bugs With Gulfstream

    If you do have a problem, we’ll spot it immediately during our careful evaluation. We’ll figure out exactly how large the colony is, then build a customized elimination program to meet your needs. Our treatment program includes a six month warranty to help give you the peace of mind you deserve.

    If you notice any signs of a bed bug problem, please call us immediately. The population multiplies rapidly, so treating it as soon as possible is an absolute must.