• ComBATting Bat Problems

    Southeast Florida plays host to four Bat species (the buffy flower bat , the Cuban flower bat – the Jamaican fruit-eating bat – and the Cuban fig-eating bat).
    Colonies can consist of up to two hundred winged creatures. If you think you’re dealing with a bat problem, don’t wait – contact Gulfstream today.

    A Common Problem

    Hundreds of homes and buildings in Southeast Florida have fought with bat problems in the past, and when they invade, they can be a real health issue for your family or your customers. Bats, like many other pests, can carry fleas and ticks, but they also play host to a number of other parasites. Their droppings could contain spores that may cause histoplasmosis, and many bats test positive for rabies, creating a significant risk for people.
    If you do have a bat problem, they’re likely to be living in your attic or in a wall void. They need dark, undisturbed places to survive. In most cases, they enter under the eaves of your home or where you have loose boards, opening in your roof vents, or even a crevice around your chimney. They can be roosting just outside your home without actually being in your home.

    Fighting the Infestation

    Gulfstream has been dealing with bat problems for the last three decades. We employ a unique bat proofing method, without the use of pesticides, to help safely deal with the problem, creating fewer dangers for you and your family. In conjunction with our Integrated Pest Management Bat elimination program, you’ll get the advantage of today’s latest techniques combined with our technologies to keep the problem from reappearing.
    After the bats have left to feed for the night, we’ll seal off the entry points to their nesting areas, making certain the bats can’t return. Once you begin working with Gulfstream, you can take advantage of our guarantee. If the bats return to the areas we’ve dealt with, we’ll return, free of charge, for a year to help you deal with the problem.
    Contact Gulfstream today to learn more about our bat elimination program.