• Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services offers the Safest Pest Control

    20 Feb 2013

  • Have you been looking for a west palm beach pest control service that can take care of the problems in your home? Do you have children, pets, or just general concerns about how safe pest control can be? There’s no need to look further, because Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services offers some of the safest and most effective pest control and termite treatment west palm beach has.

    Since our founding in 1979, Gulfstream has been dedicated to environmentally friendly pest control. After all, nobody wants to spoil the beautiful Florida environment, so we’ve worked hard to make all treatments as safe for everyone as possible. Most residential pest control begins with a full evaluation of the building and potential danger areas, followed by a thorough treatment of each room (and the spaces between them). Products are odorless to help keep animals from becoming interested in the source of a new smell, and as added protection, treatments are applied only well out of the reach of humans and animals alike. All products are used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and are applied only by professional technicians.

    Following this interior pest control, Gulfstream will typically begin to work on the outside of the building. The best commercial pest control involves stopping the pests from entering the home at all, and Gulfstream actively works with the Florida Pest Management Association to ensure that each and every tool and technique used is as efficient as possible in protecting buildings while simultaneously avoiding causing problems for the environment. In fact, Gulfstream is one of the only companies in all of Florida to be awarded the EPA’s seal of Environmental Stewardship for careful control and regulation of pesticides.

    External pest control starts with a thorough inspection of the terrain and an identification of where pests might be coming from.  Once these hot spots have been identified, individual threats can be located and often eliminated outright before they become a major problem. In cases where pests cannot be entirely eliminated (without serious environmental disruption, at least), the pests can be controlled as much as possible and discouraged from heading in your direction.

    While home protection is our primary business, Gulfstream also offers a variety of commercial and industrial protection plans designed to keep workplaces safe and secure. No business wants a reputation for unsanitary conditions, so a proper pest control plan can ensure that your business will be able to continue operating and meet even the most stringent standards for having a pest-free workplace.

    Gulfstream also recognizes that each home, office, and other location is a unique location with different circumstances, and that a one-size-fits-all approach is not completely effective in protecting homes. As a result, all teams are trained to provide individualized and personal service along with ongoing professional training to keep them up to date with the latest information on pest control techniques. Going even further, Gulfstream employs the services of a professional Entomologist (a scientist specializing in the study of insects) to help identify pests and keep them entirely under control.

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