• Bed Bug Bites: A Few Tips on Avoiding the Hassle

    20 Sep 2012

  • Bed bugs are tiny little critters, but they can really pack a punch, not to mention a serious measure of fear. Just the sound of the term “bed bug” is enough to leave people itching for days and checking under every mattress in the house for weeks. Before you begin to panic, though, it may help to know a little more about these creatures and bed bug bites.

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    The average adult bed bug can be anywhere from tan in color to red. Newborn bed bugs are rather colorless and resemble the adult bed bug, but they’re smaller. They have an oval shape form and appear flat from a side view. They are noticeably thin if they haven’t fed. Once they have fed, their bodies become bloated and swollen. Their color changes from tan to dark red or even black because they are now filled with blood.

    Bed bugs get their name because they hide out in the crevices of our mattresses. They like to feed on humans while they sleep (it could be day or night, preferably night). A regular feed lasts nearly five to ten minutes. Once they’re satisfied they go back to the crevices of the mattress and digest their meal. Digestion can take a number of days. Bed bugs do not discriminate or have a certain place where they like to feed. They will bite you anywhere; especially if your skin is exposed while you sleep.

    Wondering if you’ve fallen victim to bed bug bites? These quick tips may help you decide if you have a serious problem on your hands or if you’re over-reacting.

    If a bed bug has bitten you, you won’t wake up out of your sleep in pain. As a matter of fact, many people don’t even feel it or show a reaction. In truth, bed bug bites can resemble that of any other blood-sucking insects such as mosquitos or ticks. However, the common bed bug seems to bite in threes and usually in rows.

    A bed bug bite should be pain free unless you are allergic to their saliva, which is directly injected each time they bite. On average, a bed bug bite can take up to nine days to appear. Once it appears you may experience itching and irritation which is normal.

    If you are dealing with bed bugs, your best first step is to contact a professional bed bug exterminator like Guflstream Environmental Services. They have the tools and knowledge necessary for you to deal with a serious infestation like this one.