• Ridding Your Home of Rodents

    2 May 2012

  • Pet mice are cute and squirrels are fun to watch – so long as they stay outside.  However, when wild rodents make their way into a home, they can pose a serious health risk to the human residents. Controlling and ridding your home of rodents is one of the many important services offered by Gulfstream Environmental Services.

    rodent control   Gulfstream Environmental ServicesNext to termite control, rodent control is at the top of most homeowners’ list of important household maintenance tasks.  Keeping a home free of these disease and bacteria-laden varmints is certainly no laughing matter.  Rats and mice are the obvious choices for least desirable house guest but squirrels and other rodents can be equally problematic.

    Why are rodents such a health concern?
    Deadly diseases like HPS (hantavirus pulmonary syndrome) made big headlines and placed blame squarely on rodents.  Rodent droppings and urine can cause life-threatening problems.  However, in most cases, the typical health hazards posed by rodents are less deadly but still quite serious.

    Rodents will chew into food containers in your garage and pantry, spoiling the contents and leaving droppings behind.  The fleas and ticks carried by rodents can spread diseases by leaving their rodent hosts and biting humans.  Lime disease and malaria are often transmitted this way.  Rodents themselves will also bite are a particular risk to infants and the elderly.  No less than 35 diseases world-wide can be traced back to rodents either directly or indirectly.

    How do I know if I have rodents?
    The tell-tale traces of a rodent are sometime hard to spot but a Gulfstream Environmental Services pest control agent is trained to look for the subtle signs.  Droppings may look like black sprinkles and are often found along baseboards, behind appliances or inside the pantry.

    Rodents are rarely quiet.  You may hear scratching or squeaking, particularly late at night, inside your walls or in the attic.  You may also notice chewed spots on baseboards or on food containers.  Watch your pets for signs of rodents as well.  Cats and dogs may act strange when rodents are around.  They’ve been known to sit and stare at places where they’ve seen rodents “disappear” like under the refrigerator or inside an air vent.

    How do I get rid of rodents?
    West Palm Beach pest control begins with prevention and rodent control is no different.  In most cases, a pest control agent will seek out points of entry, seal them off and then trap or kill the rodents remaining inside.  There are several methods available like traditional or glue-type traps, poisons or sonic treatments.  The choice depends largely on the type of rodent and the family situation.  (For instance, a home with small children and pets may not be the best venue for poisons.)

    Call Gulfstream Environmental Services to talk to a West Palm Beach rodent control professional about what methods will work best in your home.


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