• Fighting Palmetto Bugs In Your Home

    21 Nov 2011

  • Florida is often a haven for a variety of types of insects, and with good reason. The climate is perfect, and our homes are the ideal hiding place for many of them. Palmetto bugs are a huge problem for homeowners, and they’re frightening to even look at. You probably would rather they not share your warm, comfortable house, so you can count on Gulfstream Environmental Services for dependable Florida pest control in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Martin/St. Lucie.

    What Is a Palmetto Bug?

    As exotic as the name sounds, palmetto bugs are really just American cockroaches with a different name. They are typically a reddish brown color, and they can get as large as two inches in length! They usually have wings on the back, and they need moisture to survive. They often come into your home to look for food, and while that’s bad enough, the worst part is that they can leave excrement in every crack and crevice of your home. What’s more, though, is that they can feed on almost anything from sewage waste to your garbage. Because they molt as they get bigger, they can create allergy problems within the home, and they can contaminate your food, leading to health problems like diarrhea and even dysentery.

    Preventing Palmetto Bugs

    The tiniest crevice in your home is a tempting welcome for these creatures.  They are determined to find a way into the rooms of your house.  It is important to maintain a solid foundation in your home: make certain that cracks are sealed whenever you discover them.  Nasty fractures in the structure of the home can be found in closets, around appliances, and behind bathroom cabinets, and ensuring you seal up your home as much as possible is an absolute must.

    Be aware that these creatures really want to stock up on your food.  Store all your perishable and non-perishable food in containers or plastic wrap.  If you leave any morsel in an unfastened plastic tub or open baggie, then you may have to consider it a bug’s dinner. 

    Gulfstream Environmental Services can offer more suggestions on how to keep palmetto bugs out of your home as well as all of your pest control needs.


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